Refugees (Flüchtlinge)

Ein Gedicht von Justice Emekwuru (Klasse 7b).


The refugees are coming to Germany,

not with a company.

They go day by day,

that´s not okay.

Everyday sorrow whipping and crying

and many people on the road are dying.

They want to come to Germany

and get out of the battle of their country.

More than 215.000 people are leaving their country,

it´s because of something.

The father wants to live a joyful life

with his children and his wife.

The mother wants to live long

and that´s not wrong.

The child wants to get friends,

but he doesn´t have „Vans“.

In a whole week the baby is always sick and gets wick.

For the journey they don´t have enough food

or a gun to shoot.

The people of the world are making them very afraid,

but we can help it´s not too late.

We can do it better if we help!!!